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Kush | 18 | Kenya

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A dark blog detailing my fascination with Serial Killers, History (Mainly Nazi), Macabre Experiments, Forensic Science, Psychology, Cult Films & Anarchy.

I would go to school dances but would only stand around and look at the girls. I like petite girls, even though I’m 6’1”.

- Richard Ramirez

Dennis Rader’s Artwork (BTK Killer).

His obsession for bondage expressed itself in his artwork.  He used tracing paper to reproduce female images from photographs, and then would add ropes and other bindings.  Rader was obsessed with cutting out magazine and newspaper ads of women models and sketching binding materials over the images. 

The last two photos are his rendition of the murder of Dolores Davis.


Dahmer murdered most of his victims in the same way. He lured them back to his flat with alcohol, sex, companionship, or money to pose for nude photographs. He would then give his victims sleeping tablets in their beer. Once they fell asleep he strangled them. He would then have sex with their corpses, although at first he had sex with them before he killed them. His first four victims were dismembered and thrown away with the rubbish. From his fifth victim, he collected their skulls as trophies, and took photos of them dead and alive. Dahmer claims that he kept the skeleton of his eighth victim, and ate some of his flesh. Some of the bodies were left to dissolve in acid in a huge barrel he kept for the purpose.

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"I would not change places with any other man in the world. I consider you a miracle In my life and in spite of the disaster we have suffered, I would not for a moment ever wish for another woman. You are the most loving and lovely woman I have ever known…"

——A excerpt of a letter Ted Bundy sent to his lover Elizabeth, from the book The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy.

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Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

When you look up the phrase “Horror Film” in the dictionary a picture of Janet Leigh screaming in a shower should appear next to it. Undoubtedly, Psycho is the greatest horror film ever made, bar-none in my opinion. The story is incredible. The acting is near perfection. The cinematography is godly. The soundtrack is perfect. It’s hard to find anything wrong with Psycho. Perhaps the only imperfection I can find with Psycho is the inability to stand the test of time. One of the reasons the shower scene has become so notorious is that it’s not only filmed to perfection, but because the elements of sexuality and murder are so surreal. In 1960, seeing a nude woman being murdered in a shower was something that no-one had experienced yet, and was quite shocking. Nowadays, seeing Jason double-spearing two lovers having sex is nothing uncommon. I envy those who experienced Psycho in 1960 in the theatres.. Those experienced the full terror of Psycho.


"Watching TV is like looking at another world that did die long ago — before I was born.

It’s only a thought; bought and sold — a jar full of junk.

One of our world’s problems is movies and rock and roll stars. They will do anything to play act the lives of, then cheat and claim the efforts of others, steal their music, have them locked up in nut wards.

My whole life has been played off by actors.”

— Charles Manson

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Above is school shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who killed 8 people at a high school in southern Finland. He attempted to commit suicide instantly by shooting himself in the head, but failed. He died in a hospital hours later from the gunshot wound to the head. The shooting occurred on November 7th, 2007. Auvinen was named afterward the Youtube Killer, because he had uploaded videos to the site, one of which displaying him shooting his gun.

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"Sometimes, the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring."

Big Fish (2003) dir. Tim Burton 


"He can sneak into your camp, he can sit six feet from you in the back of a window or something like that and hear everything that is going on and then the next time he sees you he will tell you your whole conversation and he starts laughing at you – and tells you how stupid you are."

— Prospector Paul Crockett; October, 1969

  • (Source: Shoshone Police Tapes) 

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